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A Gift Well Earned
Title: A Gift Well Earned
Author: Shaleene1
Characters: Darrek, Zevran, Rhiordan, Alistair, Leliana, Leske, Sten. Others.
Game: Dragon Age Origins
Disclaimer: Dragon age ©Bioware  Darrek, Sheelite, unnamed wardens ©Shaleene1
We are missing three.” Sten said as he set his sword on the table before taking his seat.
“Alistair, Veena, and Leske are out patrolling.” Darrek said distractedly as he twisted a dagger in his hand, the tip of it digging a hole in the over sized throne chair's arm. It was one of Eamon's favorite custom chairs made of wood from Seheron or something. Not that that mattered much to Darrek, he never did like such chairs to begin with, only worse when they belonged to pompous windbags like the Arl.
“Is it wise to keep them out of the conversation?” Rhiordan asked as he too took his place at the table, the chair closest to Darrek.
“I will fi
:iconshaleene1:Shaleene1 5 4
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A dance
Quinn watched quietly from the entryway of the bridge before entering. Standing silently, she stared out into space, a glass of whiskey slowly disappearing as her hips sway slightly with the movement of the ship.
He had learned to appreciate this moment in the time he had been with her. There was nothing quite like her silhouette standing against the backdrop of the galaxy she ruled.
Entering the bridge, Quinn clasped his hands behind his back as he moved in beside her, “My Lord… Is everything alright?”
Smiling, she took a slow sip of whiskey before answering. “Of course, Captain.” Turning she smiled up at him, the glass coming back to her lips.
Quinn‘s eyes set on her lips as she drank. Feeling his heart rate increase, he moved his gaze down past her shoulders, the deep blue of her silk robe in stark contrast to her pale skin where it lay open in a deep v to her belt.
Feeling her eyes on him, he fixed his eyes back upon hers. “You look beauti
:iconhilde33:Hilde33 8 5
Mature content
Leaving :iconhilde33:Hilde33 3 3
“I don’t believe you have moved from that spot in over a year... In fact, you probably was that same data pad. It’s comforting to know some things don’t change lieutenant.” Elham smiled at the stiffening in his shoulders at her approach, although he had not turned she was certain she knew the look on his face.
Pulling her gloves off, Elham leaned against the desk beside him, her hand reaching out to caress a cleanly shaven cheek. “I’ve missed you.”
Watching him place the data pad on the desk, she smiled at the tone of his voice as he spoke over his shoulder to the only other occupant in the room. She had missed his voice. “Corporal, leave us. I am not to be disturbed.”
“Sir!” With a quick salute the young man exited the office leaving the two of them.
Placing his hand over hers, he turned to her finally. “When I received a report that an Imperial Cipher Agent would be landing on Balmorra, I had not dared to b
:iconhilde33:Hilde33 2 8
Liylou stretched happily, feeling the grass and dirt move under her as a light mist rained down on her face. Listening to the sounds of her sister training with her father in the background she wondered how there could possibly be a better planet in the universe than Dromund Kaas.
She had traveled out of Kaas city for the afternoon with her parents, sister and the usual brigade of favorite aunts and uncles. She always felt most at home out here.
Turning over, she watched as her mother and Kaliyo set up a makeshift camp, putting out afternoon rations and drinks while Andronikos set up for a game of Huttball.  Farther off toward a crop of trees, Vector meditated murmuring softly to unseen friends while Talos dug eagerly around a cropping of rock.
She knew every talent and skill practiced by her extended family, even the Dashade Khem, whom her and her sister had spent hours climbing over when they were young.
Staring at her hands, Liylou felt suddenly jealous wondering at what hers would
:iconhilde33:Hilde33 0 4
Au Monde by Hilde33 Au Monde :iconhilde33:Hilde33 3 4 No Swimming by Hilde33 No Swimming :iconhilde33:Hilde33 2 3 Mirror Mirror by Hilde33 Mirror Mirror :iconhilde33:Hilde33 1 3
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The Open Sky :iconhilde33:Hilde33 3 0
Mature content
Turned Around :iconhilde33:Hilde33 3 4
Grayson Reginald Hawke by Hilde33 Grayson Reginald Hawke :iconhilde33:Hilde33 2 3 Aveline by Hilde33 Aveline :iconhilde33:Hilde33 2 3 Anders by Hilde33 Anders :iconhilde33:Hilde33 5 6 Fenris by Hilde33 Fenris :iconhilde33:Hilde33 4 5 Birds and Aveline by Hilde33 Birds and Aveline :iconhilde33:Hilde33 5 9 Birds and Fenris by Hilde33 Birds and Fenris :iconhilde33:Hilde33 1 3 Birds and Anders by Hilde33 Birds and Anders :iconhilde33:Hilde33 1 5


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